Renovations/Remodeling Scaled to suit your life

The Beech Ridge Builders team understand the requirements from foundation to finish in such efforts and we are well-known for our spectacular transformation of living spaces and entire homes.

Beech Ridge Builders provides remodeling and renovation services with the same level of care and attention to detail as in building a new home.

We can answer your questions and give you an accurate estimate of the time and financial commitment of any type of renovation, addition or special project.

Open the flow of your home’s interior, extend your square footage, add another story, renovate an attic, choose an exterior facelift, make over a kitchen or bath, or convert your whole home. We can determine whether construction variances must be obtained and when specialty labor is required. Then we’ll create a space with the character that you choose- one that blends with the original structure or seamlessly converts the overall look of your house. We welcome projects of all sizes.
Whole House Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
Bath Remodels
Attic Conversions
Specialty Projects
Additions large or small

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The majority of our customer relationships have existed for over 18 years and counting.


Our ability to self-perform many trades such as complete home remodeling, home building from ground up, demolition, and the various components of all projects ensures cost competitiveness and attention to quality.


Our goal of continual improvement is one of the drivers that pushes us to excel and ensures we do not rest on our laurels; we respect the clients we serve, we cherish our business relationships and we welcome challenges.